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What is Angina?

Angina is often used to generically describe chest pain. However, angina is the pain resulting specifically from a heart condition (usually heart disease) and is from coronary arteries being narrowed or blocked. The chest pain is a symptom of a heart condition that causes the heart to not receive enough oxygen-rich blood.

How is Angina Treated at TriHealth?

To treat angina, your doctor will actually treat the heart condition or heart disease to fend off a heart attack and keep the condition from getting worse. There are many types of angina. Unstable angina is a type that requires emergency medical attention, as it can result in a serious heart attack. Depending on the type and the extent of the issues, the care plan from your physician could include changes in your lifestyle, medicine regimens, or procedures such as:


Our highly trained interventional cardiologists offer both traditional stent and wrist access angioplasty, which is a unique and "less disruptive" treatment option.  

Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Our specially trained cardiologists use various approaches, including minimally invasive procedures, to treat even the most severe cardiac cases.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

People with heart disease can reach the highest possible levels of physical and mental performance with the help of our multidiscliplinary team.

Transmyocardial Revascularization Laser

Our cardiologists were the first in the region to offer the minimally invasive transmyocardial revascularization (TMR) laser to relieve angina.

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