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BOOST Functional Sports Training

BOOST Your Confidence. BOOST Your Return.


BOOST is a program aimed to progress an athlete’s ability to safely return to sport after an upper- or lower-body injury or surgery. From a shoulder sprain to an ACL reconstruction, a customized BOOST programtargets the specific needs of the athlete’s recovery in relation to their sport.

Sporting activities like jumping, cutting or repetitive demand a high level of strength and neuromuscular control, not only from the legs but also from the stabilizing muscles of the shoulder blades, hips and core.

Mastering these skills is typically not within the time frame of physical therapy services, but is vital to a safe and successful return to sport.

BOOST picks up where physical therapy leaves off -- it addresses the recovering athlete’s functional weaknesses in order to minimize their risk of future re-injury.



Upper-body training

  • Upper-spine and shoulder mobility/flexibility
  • Upper-body strengthening and scapular stabilization
  • Leg, hip and core strengthening
  • Total-body plyometrics
  • Interval-throwing progressions and sport-specific drills

Lower-body training

  • Static and dynamic stretching
  • Leg, hip and core strengthening
  • Running progression/cardiovascular
  • Plyometric and jumping activities
  • Agility and sport-specific drills


Athletes work one-on-one with a certified athletic trainer (AT) to learn proper form and build the neuromuscular control necessary to protect their joints during high-levelactivities.

Programs are adapted to the athlete’s specific injury/surgery as well as the demands of their sport.

Baselines are established on the first visit and exercises are progressed when the athlete consistently demonstrates proper form and mechanics to guard against re-injury.

Ongoing communication with team athletic trainer/coach/parents will keep them informed of the athlete’s progress and the timeline for returning to their sport.

Clearance to Play

Athletes must pass a series of strength, endurance, plyometric and agility tests prior to fully returning to their sport. These results will also be reviewed with the athlete's orthopedic doctor. If risk factors for re-injury remain, the athlete may not be cleared and additional training may be recommended prior to a re-test.

Program Options

Some injuries/surgeries take longer to recover from than others, so BOOST offers multiple program options:

  • 20 visits: $400
  • 12 visits: $300
  • 8 visits: $225

Following the completion of any of the above program options, additional visits may be added at a cost of $30 per visit if needed. 

Injury Prevention

BOOST can also help athletes who are at high risk of injury. Poor neuromuscular control or weakness in the stabilizing muscles of the spine, arms or legs are often the cause of injuries, and BOOST can identify and address these risk factors. Participating in a BOOST injury prevention program can not only lower an athlete's chance of injury, but it can also contribute to improved performance in their sport. Contact your nearest BOOST location for more information on an injury prevention assessment. 


“The BOOST staff is very knowledgeable and determined to get you back to your sport. The positive energy gives the patient confidence and encouragement to improve every session. I would not be as far as I am without BOOST!” – Meredith, UAB Soccer

“I loved the program and would not be as strong as I am had I not gone through BOOST!” – Chanelle, Cincinnati Sizzle football

“I was even stronger after BOOST than before my injury.” – Joey, high school football

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