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For Investigators: How to submit a Research Study for Evaluation and Review

TriHealth is committed to quality research. In an effort to SERVE research participants, future patients, and the research community, all research is evaluated and reviewed before it starts at TriHealth. The type of research project determines the level of evaluation and review.

Use the information and links below to prepare your research submission for review.

All required forms can be found in the Clinical Research Toolbox.

How to Submit a New Research Study for Evaluation and Review

  • Scientific Review is required for the following disciplines: Oncology, Cardiovascular, Perinatal and Nursing. CLICK HERE FOR REQUIREMENTS
  • All research studies require Regulatory Document Review for Compliance and/or Administrative Review approval prior to IRB review.
  • Contact Jennifer Giesy, Research Financial Specialist at (513) 865-5227 to obtain a study number. Please proved the following: PI Name, Protocol Title, Lead Coordinator or Research Specialist, Study Category, Type of Study and IRB Requested.
  • CLICK HERE FOR SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS based on your study type.
  • Once all required documents are completed submit to:
  • Hatton DRC reviews are done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Only 3 studies reviewed each week. Completed submissions will be assigned the next available review date.
    • Nursing Team members – prior to submitting for Administrative Review contact Rachel Baker for DRC at (513) 569-6191 or
  • Once your DRC review is complete it will be automatically be forwarded to Administrative Review and/or automatically sent to the TriHealth IRB for review or if requesting deferral to an outside IRB, your deferral request will be sent for approval.
  • Administrative Review meetings are held weekly on Wednesday mornings. Only 3 studies are reviewed each week.
    • You will be provided with a scheduled date and time for your study to be discussed via conference call with the Administrative Review Team.
  • Once Administrative Review approval is granted your submission will automatically be forwarded to the TriHealth IRB.
    • If Full Board IRB review is required, you will be notified which review date your study has been assigned. After the Full Board meeting, the IRB will notify you of the Board decision.
    • If Expedited Review is provided or Exempt determination is made, the IRB will notify you of the Board decision.
  • If you have any questions about the Administrative Review Process, please contact Beth Sears, Regulatory Coordinator at (513 862-5213 or

    If you have any questions about IRB submission requirements, please contact Nathan Lee, IRB Coordinator at (513) 865-5248 or

The Hatton Institute - New Study Submission
Beth Sears 513 862 5213